“Compuware in your pocket” app aimed to help new employees learn about the different product groups within the corporation. As it says in the video below, “Compuware is a very big company with many different business units.” Having participated in several different business groups during my tenure, I had the advantage of a broader view of the company than many new employees who often didn’t have a grasp on the basics of what product groups outside of their own did. Additionally, a visual directory allowed those new employees to put names to faces in meetings. The concept, created for the first ever Compuware Employee Innovation competition, was subsequently developed by Covisint for implementation within their business unit.

Below is the fun and playful concept video created for the competition:


2012 Employee Innovation Contest, Winner

Compuware, 2012

Platform: Mobile

Objective: A mobile application to help educate new (and old) employees on the breadth of offerings within the company, its distinguished history, as well as a visual address book of coworkers.


  • Ideation & Concept Development
  • Presentation Pitch (including script and copy writing)
  • UI/UX Designer (concept & production assets)
  • Script
  • Basic video editing