It’s amazing what a difference a few changes can make. I was asked to consult on the redesign effort for UHG’s call center employee system – the system that customer service representatives use to answer questions, access beneficiary data, and document customer service calls. The move to the Pega8 platform gave us the opportunity to modernize the interface. With a few simple changes, we were able to make a substantial difference to the look, while improving speed on task in areas where the UX design was measured to be a hindrance to performance.


For a company with over 2 million members and 24,000 customer service representatives nationally and internationally, such incremental improvements can have significant impact on employee and customer satisfaction ratings, as well as return on investment metrics.




UnitedHealthcare, 2013-2015

Platform: Enterprise System, Web

Objective: To improve the interface that Customer Service Reps use to facilitate and document calls. Time study analysis as well as ethnographic analysis techniques were used to evaluate the existing system and make recommendations for areas where improvement could be achieved, specifically in AHT (average handle time). Recommendations went beyond the interface and included observations about environmental factors that were affecting productivity and accuracy.

Role: Sr. UI/UX Designer at Optum Technology (UnitedHealth Group)

  • Qualitative observational research conducted at a call center
  • KLM evaluation of existing and proposed interfaces
  • Design recommendations made based on research findings, executive summary presentation to stakeholders
  • Design evaluation and style guide created for Pega8 redesign
  • User Experience / User Interface SME (subject matter expert) available to 6 concurrent agile development work streams