Cruisebingo was an “onsite activation” idea that I pitched to the Chevy Social Marketing team as a member Compuware’s GM Mobile Center of Expertise team. The idea was to gamify within a branded app experience the natural mobile activities that occur at Autoshow or AutoCruise event: namely, attendees taking photos of vehicles and posting them to their various social networks. At the time, “activating the social network” was a key focus of the group. Unfortunately, our presentation came too close in time to Woodward Dreamcruise (August) to implement through GM. Compuware then, having faith in the idea, decided to pursue it as a Compuware-branded app, given that the company sponsors the Corvette racing team. I reached out to local Corvette enthusiasts groups in the area for photos of real cars that we knew would be present at the Woodward Dreamcruise, and created the game’s production assets myself. Despite a great deal of enthusiasm for the app within Compuware as well as within the Corvette enthusiasts’ community (as a response to my outreach effort), the app did not make it through production in time for the 2011 Woodward Dreamcruise.

The corvette was the perfect vehicle for this project and was not chosen simply because Compuware is a sponsor of the Corvette racing team (and Chevy being the major sponsor of the 2011 Woodward Dreamcruise). Rather, it was chosen because the Corvette is identifiable by generation – C1 through C7 – the generations having significant visual differences in body styling.

The users are able to choose a play level to target their experience. In beginner mode (or, Kids mode) the user is asked to identify corvettes by basic identifiers such as color. In classic mode, they are asked to find various generations (like a red C4). The ‘stock’ images used to represent the vehicles in this mode were photos submitted by local SE Michigan Corvette clubs, of cars that would actually be present at the 2011 Dreamcruise. In “gear head” mode, they are asked to find rare edition vehicles such as the 1998 Corvette Pace Car. I commissioned these illustrations from a local CCS graduate familiar with automotive design.

Below is a video capture of the “clickable prototype” created using FlashCatalyst (2011):


Client: Compuware, Chevrolet/Corvette Business Group

Date: July 2011

Platform: Mobile

Objective: To create a game that captured Woodward Dreamcruise attendee’s “natural” activities in a branded mobile app, with re-use applicability for other venues and events, as well as a general “road trip” type app.


  • Ideation & Concept Development
  • Executive Presentation Pitch
  • UI/UX Designer (concept & production design)