The CDN Performance Analyzer visualized the dynamic nature of borderless application performance as seen by a geographically diverse user community. A reference application is deployed to a single, globally accessible hosting site. Web transactions are run continuously against the reference application using the Gomez Performance Network – Compuware’s global network of instrumented transaction agents. The data collected from these agents are collected and aggregated into a cloud performance database. The CDN Performance Analyzer enabled users to interact with the data from the Cloud performance database as part of a Marketing campaign for Compuware APM / Gomez monitoring.

Below is a video capture of the live site before it was sunset in 2014:


Cloudsleuth.com, CDN Performance Analyzer for Compuware, Gomez APM, 2011

Platform: Web

Objective: To create an interface that allowed the general public to view analytic results on global CDN performance tests, while simultaneously illustrating Gomez’ analytics capabilities and test-piloting new analytic visualization strategies.

Role: UI/UX Designer, Compuware APM

  • Visualization Strategy Ideation
  • Working with key stakeholders to develop feature requirements
  • UI/UX Designer (concept)
  • Design Creative Lead (production), working closely with a front end developer design changes were made directly in the code.