Professional Work

I studied Art because I love to make things, but landed in technology thanks to my curiosity and passion for new mediums. For the past 9 years, I've been solving complex business problems by designing user interfaces that strive to be efficient, effective, and delightful while meeting both user needs and business requirements. I've tackled a diverse range of problems; from ideating some of the first mobile apps at GM in 2009, to designing analytics dashboards for C-level executives, to modernizing call center back-end systems for UnitedHealth Group in 2015. My priority with all of these projects was to improve the end user experience by making the interface a help, not a hindrance, to the users' goals.

I love solving problems. And I still love to make things. I am grateful to be working in the field of CX/UX/UI where I get to solve very interesting problems by making really cool things!



Compuware was the first and largest technology company in the metro Detroit area. I was hired to assist the R&D team in 2009, and later became the UX voice for the GM Mobile Center of Expertise, Sr. User Experience Designer and Emerging Technology Consultant. The work was exciting, the projects diverse and challenging in their complexity.


As a consultant I assisted in the development of GM’s first mobile apps. In 2012 I was brought in as a direct employee to help build an internal UI/UX team responsible for a portfolio of 21 native and mobile web apps. From ideation to development to maintenance and design refreshes, I participated in the full software lifecycle of the mobile products.


Since joining UHG in 2013, I have expanded my research experience by conducting qualitative as well as quantitative testing. I’ve also improved my ability to produce rapid prototypes using Axure and similar tools. UHG is the largest insurer in the US, and it’s my privilege to help build the interfaces that empower members to live healthier lives.

“Melissa has an amazing ability to generate ideas that solve unique problems in engaging ways. She could understand the technical possibilities and limitations of the sophisticated software components we used. She has the tenacity to move her ideas to implementation with persuasive presentations and on demand detailed explanations. Her questions often drove our implementation to a more fully developed set of features.”

— Glenn Everitt, Enterprise Software Architect, Compuware

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